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Signing program

For many years now, Dungog Primary School students and staff have been involved in a very unique Sign Language Program. As we have a number of students in the school who benefit from sign language support, due to either a hearing loss or communication needs, it was decided to adopt a sign language program, which the whole school could participate in.

This program has   involved daily signs at assembly time each day, a teacher interpreter at assemblies, students interpreting values, a school signing choir, sign language links with the Dungog Preschool and many more wonderful activities.

This term (term 3, 2016) we have decided to advance into the world of technology with our sign language program. Not only are the signs taught and reinforced at assemblies but they are now available on the school's network system for all the students and teachers to access in class. Each week the Signing Project Officers are choosing two students to sign the ‘signs for the week' onto video and these are loaded onto the school network to be shown and learnt in class.

Often, students who have developed sentences and stories using the signs they have learnt will also have the opportunity to be recorded on video and added to the Sign Language network file.

In addition, the school Face book page will feature some of our very keen and enthusiastic signers showcasing their knowledge and skills in using sign language.

Our school website will also feature useful information related to hearing and hearing loss and will have some informative and enjoyable links to explore.

As part of the acknowledgement of Hearing Awareness Week in 2016, two of our students have writen to our school community to explain what it feels like to live with a hearing loss.

Please click on the links below to read their stories.

My name is Sam (PDF 27KB)                My name is Tahlia (PDF 30KB)

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